Historic Dates in American History


Colonial History

1607-Jamestown founded
1619-Virginia House of Burgess & first Africans in colonies
1620-Mayflower Compact
1636-Harvard Founded
1639-Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
1647-Massachusetts Education Law
1649-Maryland Act of Toleration
1676-Bacon’s Rebellion
1735-Zenger Trial
1754-Beginning of French & Indian War
1763-Treaty of Paris
American Revolution
1765-Sons of Liberty
1765-Stamp Act
1767-Townshend Duties
1770-Boston Massacre
1773-Boston Tea Party
1775-Lexington & Concord
1776-Declaration of Independence
1777-Battle of Saratoga
1778-Alliance with France
1781-Surrender at Yorktown
1783-End of Revolutionary War
Confederation to Constitution
1781-Article of Confederation into effect
1786-Shays’ Rebellion
1787-Northwest Ordinance & Constitutional Convention
1789-Constitution into effect
1790-Rhode Is ratifies Constitution
1791-Bill of Rights ratified
National Period
1797-Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions
1803-Louisiana Purchase & Marbury v. Madison
1812-War of 1812
1814-Treaty of Ghent
1820-Missouri Compromise
1823-Monroe Doctrine
1828-Tariff of Abominations
1832-Election of Jackson & Bank War
Sectionalism, Civil War, & Reconstruction
1833-Tariff Compromise of 1833
1846-Wilmot Proviso
1849-California Applies for Statehood
1850-Compromise of 1850
1852-Uncle Tom’s Cabin
1854-Ostend Manifesto & Kansas-Nebraska Act
1857-Dred Scott v. Sanford
1858-Lincoln-Douglas Debates
1859-John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry
1860-Election of Lincoln
1861-Secession and Fort Sumter
1863-Emancipation Proclamation
1865-Assassination of Lincoln
1867-Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
1876-Compromise of 1877
Wars in American History
1754-Beginning of French & Indian War
1763-Treaty of Paris
1775-Lexington & Concord begins American Revolution
1783-Treaty of Paris
1812-Beginning of War of 1812
1814-Treaty of Ghent
1846-American-Mexican War
1848-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
1861-Beginning of Civil War
1865-End of Civil War
1898-Spanish American War
1917-American Involvement in World War 1
1918-Armistice ends World War I
1941-Attack on Pearl Harbor
1945-Dropping of Atomic Bombs, End of WWII
1950-Korean War Starts
1953-Armistice ends Korean War
1954-Fall of Diem Bien Phu brings US into Vietnam
1973-Paris Peace Accords
1882-Chinese Exclusion Act
1907-Gentlemen’s Agreement with Japan
1917-Literacy Tests
1924-National Origins Act
1929-Immigration Act made quotas permanent
1952-McCarran-Walter Act
1965-Immigration Act, Quota Eliminated
Business Enterprise in America
1791-First Bank of the United States
1816-Clay’s American System
1828-Tariff of Abominations
1832-Controversy over Bank of US
1877-Munn v. Illinois
1886-Wabash v. Illinois
1887-Interstate Commerce Act
1890-Sherman Anti-trust Act
1902-Roosevelt’s Intervention in Anthracite Coal Strike
1903-Elkins Act
1906-Hepburn Act, Pure Food & Drug Act & Meat Inspection Act
1913-Federal Reserve Act & Underwood Tariff
1914-Clayton Anti-Trust Act
1930-Hawley-Smoot Tariff
1939-Fair Labor Standards Act
Agriculture in American History
1619-First Black Indentured Servants Arrive in Jamestown
1793-Cotton Gin
1834-McCormack Reaper
1862-Homestead Act
1867-Granger Movement
1877-Munn v. Illinois
1878-Bland-Allison Act
1886-Wabash v. Illinois
1887-Interstate Commerce Act
1890-Sherman Silver Purchase Act
1892-Populists Organize
1933-Agriculture Adjustment Act
1961-Omnibus Farm Bill
Labor in American History
1869-Knights of Labor Organize
1886-Haymarket Riot
1892-Homestead Strike
1894-Pullman Strike
1902-Anthracite Coal Strike
1914-Clayton Anti-trust Act
1935-Wagner Act & Social Security Act
1938-Fair Labor Standards Act
1947-Taft-Hartley Act