The Gift From You Project
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I am very proud to announce this newest addition to my company.
This all came about do to life’s hard lessons which teach us that we are here on this earth to learn from our mistakes, to serve our God and fellow Brothers and Sisters to our best abilities. Which include to give Love, Compassion and to use our God given talents to help and to ease the burdens of others which that we all must face together to complete our journey here. I realize that one person cannot change the world. But I know from personal experience that one person can change another ones life for the better by kind actions alone. And if we all band together and each do our part. We can change our communities for the better and live a wholesome life.

So I have decided to start this project and help one family each season by giving them a Labor Free Pool Renovation for material costs only. As this project grows I hope to get my suppliers on board to donate the materials needed to preform each job with zero costs to the recipient of this Gift. At this time my dear and close friend
Jim Nolan from Independant Pool Supply has stepped up and has helped me greatly with my 1st Gift that was just recently preformed in Hackettstown, NJ. Jim has reduced all costs for the material needed for this job at his own loss. Jim also worked out a fantastic deal which reduced the cost by half price for the liner used on this 1st gift via Latham Pool Products. I hope my fellow friends in the industry take note of what Jim Nolan has done and will get on board with my company to make this new project a complete success.

I ask all my friends to please keep an eye out for a well deserving family who live in the Tri-State Area.
If you have any leads for me, or a personal recommendation that you would like to see receive the 3rd gift. Please contact me via our “
Contact Us” page. Please provide all info needed in the message box provided.

Please remember you do not need to own a business to help others. You just need the Will, Love & Compassion to make the difference.

NJ Poolman