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Welcome! These pages are designed to give you helpful information on various aspects of swimming pool care and maintenance. Our focus is primarily on residential pool service and repair; pool maintenance on the home pool, although the Pool Chemistry pages (Water Balance, Water Testing, Alternative Sanitizers) will apply to any swimming pool (or spa).The Pool Info we have on Swimming Pool Pumps, Pool Filters and Pool Heaters is meant to be impartial towards any particular pool equipment manufacturer, and represent the "state of the art" instead.

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All of us here at Poolcenter.com have worked hard to gather information, that we feel is very important to share with the swimming pool community. We hope that the swimming pool information we have provided will be useful to you and help give you a better understanding of your pool chemistry and pool equipment.

LIBRA POOLS II, LLC IN YOUR AREA for repairs to your equipment and pool where a hazard to yourself or others may be present. Pool Pumps, Underwater Pool Lights and certain Pool Heaters carry Live Voltage and this hazard can be fatal. Pool Heaters release Carbon Monoxide emissions which can be fatal, and repairs to Gas Heaters can be dangerously explosive.

Please use care and caution with pool chemicals. Poisonous and deadly gases emit from the chemicals themselves and during reactions with other chemicals (including water). Skin burns can occur as well, so please, any time you are working near an empty pool, take extreme care to prevent falls.

We would like to thank you for visiting our "POOL INFO" pages, and we hope your questions and concerns of pool ownership and pool maintenance have been answered.

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